10 Ways to Find or add more space to your house

Almost every new customer I visit, whatever their home is like, seems to have the same common desire for more space. There are, however, so many different ways of finding it, and there’s so much more to adding extra space than just building a box on the back of the house. It’s important to explore options, both in terms of giving what you have a more spacious look and feel, and also in actually enlarging your property. You might be surprised to find that a simple reworking of what you have can give you what you need.

Start with what you’ve got
In-up-out-down: this is my mantra when it comes to adding space to a home.

In general terms, in-up-out-down is the sequence of cost-effectiveness when it comes to finding the additional space you need. ‘In’ is the space you already have, ‘up’ might be a loft conversion, ‘out’ could be an extension, and ‘down’ would be a basement. So number one on the list of most cost-effective ways to find what you are looking for is inside what you already have.

It’s extraordinary how often it is possible – by remodelling and rearranging spaces, and making best use of the square feet taken up with corridors, hallways, under-stairs areas and landings – to find tremendous additional space and transform a home with very little building work. SOURCE & READ MORE>>.

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