At Hylton Chimneys we consider ourselves expert structural engineers. Whether it is removing a wall or chimney, providing support beams, building extensions or undertaking large scale renovations and rebuilds, no job is too big or too small.
We would not however consider ourselves expert economists, so this isn’t the place you would expect to see a news story on the economy. However, this article from the BBC seems like good news and we thought we would share it.
The article says that activity in the UK’s construction industry accelerated in February 2015. The housing, commercial and civil engineering sectors all showed signs of accelerating growth.
Previously a similar survey suggested that growth in manufacturing hit a seven-month high in February 2015.
Call me old fashioned, but it seems that even in this age of technology a strong economy should still be based on the fundamentals of making things and building things.
So is this growth set to continue? A potential fly in the ointment is uncertainty over the result of the upcoming general election. However, signs are encouraging and “business” considers that economic growth in the UK is real and sustainable.
With growth comes confidence, and with confidence comes investment. The best investment for many homeowners is in their property. Building projects that increase home value are a great way of increasing capital.
Whether it is increasing space, modernising or renovating, Hylton Chimneys can help you to improve your home and increase its value.
Hylton Chimneys – we may not know economics, but we do know building.

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