Remove a Wall

Removing a chimney breast from a room is not the only way gain otherwise wasted space in a room. In addition to removing a chimney breast from a room, many of our clients also ask us to remove load bearing and non load bearing walls in the living rooms and kitchens in order to create a more open plan living area. We focus on structural work and so removing walls is something we are very good at indeed.

Open plan living is very popular these days because it opens up spaces and improves the interaction between people who would otherwise be closed off in separate rooms. Probably the most common request we get from our customers is to remove the wall between their dining room and living room creating a much larger through lounge. Another common remodelling request we get is to achieve a bigger kitchen by removing the wall between the kitchen and dining room which visually connects the spaces and effectively increase the feel of both rooms.

Some people may consider doing this kind of work themselves but such work should really be left to the professionals preventing major damage to the structure of the home. The main consideration when thinking about removing a wall is to determine whether or not it is load-bearing or not.

Removing a wall to open up or add on rooms is a skilled job, can require specific heavy duty equipment and is not a "do it yourself" project. The best advice is to get the experts in – we have skilled engineers and can remove load-bearing walls safely following all required building regulations.

If you are considering removing a load-bearing wall and would like a quote, you can call us on 020 81998123 or request a quotation.

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