Dangerous Chimney

In this video, Hylton shows you how we repaired a dangerous DIY jobs and made a dangerous chimney safe again. The video also shows you the work after it had been finished.

The new owner of this property discovered that the chimney breast had been taken out in the bedroom below but that it had been done in a DIY fashion. This was highly dangerous because the weight of the chimney rested on a steel beam supported only by the roof rafters of the bedroom below. If this had given way, the whole of the chimney would have come down into the bedroom.

The council would have condemned this as being highly dangerous. If someone was to sell the property, this would have become real problem.

We came in to fit gallows brackets, which were bolted into the walls with 18 inch bolts at each side and some resin behind them to hold the brackets in solidly. Then we put the concrete lintel on top of the brackets to make the chimney safe.

We could also have done a second method, which would have been running a steel beam from the spine wall in the center of the property to the external wall. This, too, would totally support the chimney.

The council passed this as it was done very safely and to regulations.

Hylton Chimneys are specialists in safe chimney breast removal and structural wall removal but we also do all kinds of general building work required to complete the project. To contact us call 020 8346 2254 or complete the contact form below.
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