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  • Do I need planning permission to remove a chimney breast and who do I need to inform?

    No, you do not require planning permission to remove a chimney breast, however you will need to submit a building notice to your local councils building control department advising them of the intended work to be carried out. On completion of the work and inspection from a qualified building inspector you will receive a certificate confirming that the work meets local building regulations.

  • Should I inform my neighbour before starting the work?

    Yes, you should inform your neighbour in the form of a party wall notice before beginning any work on the party wall. Download a template of our party wall notice and modify with your particular details.

  • Can you guarantee that your work will satisfy the councils building regulations and pass the building inspection and what will you do if the building inspector for any reason does not pass the inspection.

    We are committed to making sure that the building inspector passes any work that we carry out and will correct any work which the building inspector is not entirely happy with.

  • How long after the job is complete will I receive my building control certificate?

    You will normally receive this between 2 to 4 weeks after the building inspection although this can be issued more quickly in cases where the sale or purchase of a house is dependent on a building control certificate.

  • Do I need to inform the council myself or is this something you can do for me?

    We provide an “All-In-One” service which includes the entire building control process, from making and submitting the building notice application, to arranging the building inspection and providing a certificate confirming that the work meets local council building regulations.

  • Do you dispose of the rubble and bricks or is this something I need to arrange myself?

    Yes. Our “All-In-One” service includes the hiring of skips and the disposal of all rubble and waste

  • Will you plaster the walls when the chimney breast has been removed?

    Yes. Unless you have specifically asked us not to, we will bond the wall and skim the whole wall across so that it is ready for decorating.

  • Do you clean up after?

    Yes. We always aim to leave your home as we found it.

  • If I remove a chimney breast from one of my rooms do I need to support the chimney above?

    Absolutely. Unless the entire chimney is removed from the ground to above the roof line, chimney support in the form of gallows brackets or RSJ’s will be required to support the chimney above.

  • My chimney has been unsupported for many years without any noticeable damage to my property. Do I really need to get my chimney supported?

    The safety of your family and anyone else living in your home will be at risk not to mention the potential costly damage caused to your property as a result of an unsupported or incorrectly supported chimney.

  • Do you work on the weekend?

    We often work on Saturdays to help accommodate clients who need work completed as quickly as possible however we do not generally work on Sundays.

  • What type of support do you fit and how do I know what type of support I need?

    We fit both gallows brackets and RSJ support. If you’re not sure what type of support you require in your home, just give us a call and advise you on this.

  • Are gallows brackets support safe?

    Gallows brackets are very safe if fitted correctly and in some cases are more suitable than RSJ’s. Fitting Gallows Brackets requires specialist knowledge and is not something that just any builder can do. Many of our clients are builders who do not have the knowledge or experience when it comes to fitting gallows brackets or removing chimney breasts for that matter and so come to us for help.

  • Does my local council allow the use gallows brackets for chimney support?

    There are a few councils which do not allow the fitting of gallows brackets support. Because of our relationship with local councils however and our expertise in the field and depending on your specific circumstances, we are often given permission to fit gallows brackets by gallows brackets by councils you on initial enquiry do not allow gallows brackets.

  • How much mess and dust should I expect when removing a chimney breast?

    Removing a chimney breast can be quite a dusty job and so carpets, floors and furniture should be protected before any work starts. Where possible, a room should be cleared minimising the possibility of dust going onto furniture and ideally new carpets rolled up and protected.

  • Can you provide me with references for work you have done.

    Yes, we can provide you with up to 3 references for recent work we have completed and if possible in your local area.

  • How long will it take to complete the job?

    It all depends on the type of job and how many chimney breasts or supports are required.

  • Do you have liability insurance just in case something goes wrong?

    Yes, we have full-liability insurance which covers any work we do.

  • When can you start the work?

    We are generally booked up for a 2 week period however this depends on the time of the year. Give us a call and I’m sure we can fit you into a work schedule.

  • What time will you start work in the morning?

    We generally start at 8am but we are flexible and can start a little later if necessary.

  • Can I remove the chimney from the roof?

    In most cases the answer is yes. You will however need to get permission from your neighbour if it is a shared chimney stack and permission from your council if your house is in a conservation area.

  • When am I required to make my first payment?

    We generally ask for the first payment just prior to the start date of the work. This can be anytime during the day.

  • How much more value will it add to my home.

    In terms of adding value, the extra square footage gained from removing chimney breasts (as with loft conversions and extensions) is the best way to add value to your home. Unlike Extensions and Loft conversions however, the cost to remove chimney breasts is far less and the work does not require planning permission. The square footage gained by removing a chimney breast can be used to fit larger beds, larger sofas, and additional kitchen units and applications,fitted wardrobes in bedrooms and other furniture.

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