Loft and 2 Chimney Breasts (no.2)

In this video, Hylton shows you another property with 2 chimney breasts removed and gallows brackets and concrete lintels fitted in the loft.

First of all the skip was on the drive and therefore did not need a permit.

Secondly, we are bonded out the wall and plastered it all the way across to make it absolutely straight. We also replaced the skirting board and the coving at the top.
We also embedded a pipe into the wall, and the clients also wanted the ceiling done.
Sometimes we have a gas pipes, which we would have to cap off and close off as well.
The heavy, steel gallows brackets in the loft were drilled and bolted into the wall with 16mm bolts and resin to make the fixing perfect. We then rested the concrete lintels on top of the brackets to support the remaining chimney. The council passed the work.

Hylton Chimneys are specialists in chimney breast removal and structural wall removal but we also do all kinds of general building work required to complete the project. To contact us call 020 8346 2254 or complete the contact form below.
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