As I look out of the window it’s nice to see blue sky and feel some warmth from the sun. There’s a real feel that Spring is underway. I can even see a few birds flying around carrying small twigs and such – a sure sign that nesting season has begun.

It’s a timely reminder that every building project has a starting point.

Unlike birds we don’t have to build a new home every year, but Spring is often the time when many people start to look at their home and think; “How can I make this better?”

For some it could be a thorough Spring Clean – decluttering and clearing out those bits and pieces that accumulate over the year. Others may reach for a paint brush to freshen up a room, or rearrange furniture in an attempt to create more space.
If space is at a premium, there are various solutions that can help you get the most out of your home.

Removing a chimney breast is a great way to create more space. Not only does it increase the square footage of a room, it creates a more usable space. Chimney breasts often create alcoves, and alcoves can dictate how a room is organised. With the chimney gone you have a flat wall and more flexibility to set out the room how you want like it. Maybe you can get the fitted wardrobes you want?

Space and light can also be created by removing dividing walls. Open plan is a contemporary design style that maximises the open area of a floor, removing interior walls and doors to gain the longest possible sight lines. The most common projects are to create open plan kitchens and open plan living rooms – spaces for entertainment designed to be shared.

Extensions and loft conversions are also popular ways to create that all important additional space. Imagine what you could do with an extra room or two…

With any building project, especially those of a structural nature, it is always best to speak to the experts. When you invest money in a building project you want to ensure that the work is done safely, you get the outcome you wanted and the results are compliant with building regulations and controls.

Whatever the time of year and whatever your building project, Hylton Chimneys will be happy to help.

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